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    Enterprise Service Management (ESM) 

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    Sustainable IT Operations in times of climate change


IT Operations Management Forum


IT Operations Management Opening notes  

Fran Manzanero, ITOM Sales Manager at OpenText

Abel Torrubiano, Regional Sales Manager at OpenText


Simplify your IT Transformation

Lars Rossen, Chief Architect at OpenText

Why are you doing IT Transformation? Because you need to support the Business transformation going on around you. But when you ask the business what they want of IT, you hear statements like:
We need to be able to accelerate time to market on business solutions; we need to be able to trust the solution; it needs to be cheaper and simpler to operate, and by the way, I really want to know what is happening in IT.

In this keynote Lars will illustrate how IT can transform and deliver all of this using a few guiding principles based on defining Digital Value Stream and implement and optimize them based on standardized solution building blocks.


ESM | Leave your competitors in the Wake: Modernize your ITSM User Experience for Digital Sucess

Jaime Abreu, Sales Engineer at OpenText

Just like a winning regatta crew, your employees need to be agile problem solvers to keep your business ahead of the competition in today's demanding market. But what if you could give your team the tools they need to succeed without any coding required? With OpenText ITSM, you can unleash a new level of agility and create consumer-style experiences that keep your users happy and your IT team efficient. Our solution empowers agents with AI and analytics to quickly resolve issues and plan successful changes that minimize risks and speed up deployments.  Say goodbye to runaway costs and hello to smooth sailing ahead. Join us for this session and learn how OpenText ITSM can help your team stay ahead of the game with better outcomes and happy users. With OpenText ITSM at your side, your business can be the winner of the race to meet service expectations.


ESM | Evolving from ITSM to ESM

Nuno Pitta, Managing Partner at Timestamp

With the advent of digital transformation and the competitiveness of the various markets where organizations are inserted, oblige them to a continuous evolution of its processes, technologies, and the delivery methods.

Many organizations have already realized that there is a natural path of evolution from IT Service Management (ITSM) to Enterprise Service Management (ESM), applying international, mature and proven Best Practices (ITIL frameworks and supporting technologies) outside the exclusive perimeter of IT to other functional and business areas within their organizations.

The evolution from ITSM to ESM is not necessarily a complex, costly, and time-consuming path. It can be a fast path, without mishaps or high risks and easy adaptation.


AiOps | Gain the Edge: Boost IT Performance and Productivity with AIOps for a Competitive Advantage

Mónica Nieto, Sales Engineer at OpenText

Just like in competitive sailing, unexpected wind shifts can create huge disadvantages for your business if you're not prepared to react quickly. But with AIOps from OpenText, you can stay on the right track and avoid unfavorable winds that could slow down your digital business. Our cutting-edge solutions provide global observability, fast insights, and efficient resolutions to keep your operations running smoothly and help you stay ahead of the competition. With AIOps, you can enjoy a downwind journey to IT productivity and performance. Join us to learn more about how AIOps from OpenText can help you achieve your business goals with ease. Get ready to sail towards success with a powerful partner that has the tools you need to navigate the choppy waters of modern business. Don't let the competition catch up - make sure you have the right solutions in place to win the race.


AiOPs with Professional Services: demonstrating OpenText capabilities to monitor Business Services

Pablo Macaya, Professional Services Consultant at OpenText

In this session we will explain how OpenText Professional Services has piloted with a customer the OPTIC platform and demonstrated AIOPs Use Cases.


FinOps as a key for Sustainable IT Operations in Times of Climate Change

Antonio Picazo, Sales Engieneer at OpenText

Are you struggling to stay afloat in the ever-changing sea of cloud spending? If so, you're not alone - with up to a third of cloud spend going to waste, it's easy to feel lost at sea. But just like a skilled sailing team, your organization can work together to make the most of your cloud budget. That's where OpenText FinOps comes in. Our powerful platform can help you chart a winning course through economic headwinds, giving you a unified, real-time view of your cloud spend across all clouds. With AI-powered recommendations and self-service guardrails, you can take control of your cloud spending, maximize discounts, and cut waste.  The result? You'll get more cloud for your money and stay ahead of the competition. Join us and navigate your way to cloud success with OpenText FinOps at the helm.


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IT Operations Management Innovation booths

    Enterprise Service Management (ESM) 

    AiOps and Observability

    Sustainable IT Operations in times of climate change 




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