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Micro Focus is now OpenText

Abel Torrubiano, OpenText


Get Ready for Business 2030 & the New Tech World Order

Lars Rossen, Chief Architect at OpenText

We are on the cusp of a new tech world order.  Organizations are transforming through information, automation, and global connections. The new order will support AI, machine learning, climate innovation, electrification, digital currency, voice/facial recognition, extended reality, and quantum.  With Business 2030 on the horizon, organizations need to be ready. So join us in the OpenVerseTM and explore what your organization will need to be ready for in generational digital. 

OpenText Chief Architect, Dr. Lars Rossen, will describe the forces shaping Business 2030—enterprise reinvention, human-centric work, new rules for corporate accountability, and new requirements for digital technologies—and how businesses can seize the opportunities ahead by building their information advantage. Lars will also reveal the latest innovations in OpenText Cloud Editions and what’s ahead on the Project Titanium roadmap.


The Business Value of Migrating to AWS

David Sanz, AWS

Most organizations are already using the cloud. However, once they deploy their “easy” applications, they become hesitant of the benefits of moving to AWS their core and legacy systems. In this session we will walk you through the quantifiable business value of moving to AWS in the areas of resiliency, agility, cost savings, staff productivity and sustainability.


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Piensa global, actúa local

El programa global de responsabilidad ambiental y social de OpenText está asociado con varias organizaciones benéficas en todo el mundo, todas dedicadas a generar impactos positivos en todas las áreas de la vida, incluida la educación, la atención médica, e inclusión digital. 

Entre otros ámbitos de actuación, desde OpenText consideramos que la educación es un derecho que millones de niños aún no tienen. Por ello, por cada asistente a este evento de OpenText Iberia donaremos a UNICEF un kit educativo en su nombre.

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