Session and Synopsis

9:15–9:20 GMT 11:15–11:20 SAST

Welcome and Housekeeping

9:20–9:40 GMT | 11:20–11:40 SAST     

9:40–10:20 GMT 11:40–12:20 SAST

Kevin Leslie                                    Global Sales Leader, ITOM, Micro Focus

Neville Ward                                       ESM Presales Consultant, Micro Focus

Noel Hopkinson                                     ESM Presales Consultant, Micro Focus  

Introduction—Rethinking Resilience with ESM

More than a service desk strategy, ESM delivers the shock absorption and high-speed responses you need to pivot with ease when disruptive change happens. Learn how to execute ESM now—and strengthen resilience for the future.

Controlling Change Risk with CMS

With change analytics, you can regain full visibility of your IT assets and discover how they work together to deliver your services. Find out how built-in discovery and UCMDB deliver the insights you need to maintain smooth operations. Demo included.    

10:20–10:50 GMT | 12:20–12:50 SAST

Coffee Break (UK) / Lunch (RSA)

(eVouchers will be supplied to all attendees at the start of the event for you to pre-order your lunch for delivery by Uber Eats*)

10:50–11:35 GMT | 12:50–13:35 SAST

11:35–12:35 GMT | 13:35–14:35 SAST

Jeremy Brown                                     Senior Software Consultant, Micro Focus

Alvin Barnard                                       Senior Presales Consultant, Micro Focus 

Darius Smuts                                               Senior Presales Consultant, Micro Focus

The Power of Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Manual workflows and repetitive tasks devour everyone’s time. But they don’t need to. RPA robots perform human actions intuitively recognizing change and adapting accordingly. See how resilient robots can drive efficiencies beyond IT and across your business. Demo included.

Set Service Management Free

Service management teams are being squeezed from all directions, and what worked before now falls short. Micro Focus SMAX sets service management free. Discovery, automation, and AI are built in—not bolted on—to deliver the self-service autonomy everyone craves. See it in action.

12:35–13:05 GMT | 14:35–15:05 SAST

Coffee Break (RSA) / Lunch (UK)

(eVouchers will be supplied to all attendees at the start of the event for you to pre-order your lunch for delivery by Uber Eats)

13:05–13:25 GMT | 15:05–15:25 SAST

13:25–13:45 GMT | 15:25–15:45 SAST

13:45–14:15 GMT | 15:45–16:15 SAST

Charl Joubert                                   Change & Configuration Manager, University of Pretoria

Conan de Faoite                             Director, ISS, Service Delivery & Customer Experience, FireEye

Mick Morey                                         Senior Business Consultant, EOH

University of Pretoria—A Customer Story

FireEye—A Customer Story


IT teams everywhere are exhausted from searching for info, repeatedly resolving the same issues, and rewriting code for new services. But EOH customers are different. With Micro Focus ESM solutions, their teams are free to work the way that they work best. Get the details.

14:15–14:30 GMT | 16:15–16:30 SAST

Q & A and Closing Remarks

(Plus the opportunity to network with your peers)

*Please note, this event is for a UK and South African audience - we are unable to distribute lunch vouchers to other countries.