UK&I Summit

Solve your Digital Dilemma

9 June 2022

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08:30 - 11:00

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11:00 - 13:00

Plenary Sessions

13:00 - 14:00

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Customer Forums

9:00 - 10:30

Room: Westminster

Customer expectations for software that works everywhere, every time, are fueling the rapid pace of change that drives faster and earlier application testing. This roadmap session takes a fresh look at the challenges of delivering a high-quality multiplatform experience and explains how Micro Focus enables continuous testing at scale with AI-powered functional test automation.

We’ll explore how new investments in smarter testing optimize your testing experience and performance from end-to-end, extend testing to more testers on your software delivery team, and help you gain insight into quality faster.

Room: Thames 2

Can you automate interfaces that lack or have difficult APIs? Can you automate deeper, human-driven processes? Can you automate quickly without changing existing applications?

Yes, you can—with robotic process automation (RPA) robots. RPA robots mimic screen-based human actions to automate mundane, repetitive processes. Now you can turn difficult-to-automate interfaces into seamless connections. Go forth and extend your orchestration.

In this session we will highlight:

  • Recording screen-based human actions in one visual, low-code/no-code interface.
  • Designing end-to-end workflows by combining screen recordings with IT Operations
  • RPA use cases and robots in action 

Room: Lords 3

Micro Focus Content Manager enables customer to respond to regulatory and business requirements.

In this session we will discuss how Content Manager brings your data to life and controls it as efficiently as possible from creation and disposal. Including:

  • Managing your data through the lifespan of your projects.
  • Managing your data through the lifespan of your staff.
  • Managing your data through the lifespan of your business applications.

We will also demonstrate the latest version of Content Manager and have an open discussion on the product direction.

Sponsor: Oyster IMS

Room: Lords 2

This session will take you through an end-to-end application modernization journey from legacy application with dated user experience through to contemporary API built on serverless computing architectures running on public cloud infrastructure. You will see how modern development practices such as CI and CD apply to COBOL development teams.

This session is intended for developers, architects and technicians, with the products and technologies taking centre stage. Join us to find out how to unlock the full value of your existing applications and the full potential of your application development teams.

Room: Thames 1

We will open this session with a round-table looking at the key challenges businesses face in the advancement of AppSec and the individual skills, industry and threats organisations face.  We will also discuss traditional and new ways of scanning open-source code including why scanning Open Source Code is an AppSec fundamental and how is the capability evolving to keep up with the latest vulnerabilities

Room: Lords 1

With the blurred lines between office and home-working and the move to hybrid working more common place, the disparate and antiquated infrastructure, siloed working model and lack of visibility are proving prohibitive in public sector organisations solving their digital dilemma.

During this Public Sector Breakfast forum, we will discuss how Micro Focus can help overcome these challenges (on-prem/cloud or SaaS) including how you can:

  • Have a unified approach to information and system sharing and overcome the barriers to data sharing
  • Be more proactive and thrive in the age of AI and automation
  • Have systems in place to help effectively monitor and evaluate outcomes
  • Manage the supply chain to deliver more value to the business

We welcome all Public Sector organisations that share this current priority topic including Government, Defence and Healthcare

Plenary Sessions

What is the go-forward Micro Focus strategy - and how can it help you?

Sponsor: DXC Technology

11:00 - 13:00

Every day you face a digital dilemma - how do you keep your organisation running and resilient, while transforming to new technologies that bring the innovation you customers demand? You can't sacrifice one for the other. On one hand, your organization must run smoothly in the short term. Core operations must be secure, compliant, and data driven. You need simplified IT and software delivery processes that must withstand sudden changes, and your IT investments must keep paying strategic benefits. On the other, your enterprise IT needs to support business growth and innovations, with products and services that will reveal deeper insights from your expanding data sources and give you the flexibility to quickly scale. And of course, the demand to stay on top of ever-changing security needs runs like a thread through everything you do. During this keynote we will share how Micro Focus and key partners enable you to simultaneously run and transform.


During this session, Mike Ambler from DXC will briefly discuss the present Applications Services Market place and will share what DXC Technology is seeing in its own business. He will look at the long-term relationship that DXC Technology and Micro Focus have together, and how the two organisations combine to deliver strategic, technical and commercial benefits to clients.

Hear from Micro Focus experts who will share insights on our latest innovations and cloud offerings across our key focus areas which allow you to build on the investments you've already made.

An audience Q&A will end this session.

A partnership with the right technology company is extremely important. Jaguar TCS Racing is a technology-centric organization at their heart. Hear directly from the technical experts at Jaguar TCS Racing about the Micro Focus software and Professional Services that help them:

  • Unlock critical data for real-time analytics and machine learning.
  • Analyze video and speech data from publicly accessible media transmissions.
  • Secure and protect proprietary data.
  • Automate application security testing.

As we close our plenary session, we welcome our UK&I Country Manager back on stage to give some local customer use cases and how we are supporting our environmental, social and governance (ESG) program

Break Out Session

A deeper dive into the portfolios and solutions that can grow your business

14:00 - 17:00

Application Delivery Track

Room: Westminster

Our unique capabilities we are bringing to market will allow you to improve operational efficiency, optimize, and accelerate software delivery to achieve superior business outcomes. In this session, you will hear how Micro Focus will help you maximize value delivery across the enterprise to bolster business growth, increase customer satisfaction, and gain competitive advantages.

Delivering a quality customer experience is critical, as poor experiences can lower conversion rates and deliver a loss of customer loyalty. Your customers are accessing applications in an increasing number of ways: mobile devices, multiple browsers, and internet connections. So it is vital to put the customer experience first.

Testing teams are under pressure to quickly deliver great great-performing applications that are resilient and satisfy user expectations. In this session you will hear about how a performance engineering strategy that extends into the end user experience, combined with the right tools and technologies, is important to driving success.

In this session, hear from our experts about:

  • Integrating mobile, cloud, and shift-left testing within the testing team.
  • Offering a seamless and consistent experience across channels, devices, and networks
  • Ensuring that digital sites perform when user traffic peaks
  • Simplifying how you plan, run, and scale testing for web and mobile apps.

This past year has proven that there is no better time than now to join the DevOps evolution. Many organizations face very real obstacles of modernizing quality and delivery practices, whether it be a lack of visibility across the delivery process or teams plagued with a fragmented toolchain and siloed metrics. With so many metrics—and a canyon-sized divide between business and engineering—where do you begin?

In this session, see how you can evolve to modern practices—at your own pace—without the risk of losing your current investments and with minimal disruption. Optimize delivery with actionable insights, advanced AI-based analytics, and configurable reporting for visibility across your entire delivery process. Simplify quality measurement and tracking with enhanced continuous testing capabilities. Enable the continuous development of new features that meet and exceed customer expectations. Deliver products and large Agile projects at scale with increased velocity, reduced risk, and minimal waste of time and resources. Enable a team of teams, tools, and DevOps integrations from ideation to delivery, linking requirements, epics, and portfolio-level goals with execution to gain full visibility and traceability. In short, become the master of your own DevOps evolution.

IT Operations Track

Room: Thames 2

Enterprise Service Management helps transform a slow, reactive, organization with business functions and departments working in silos into an integrated working environment, which is efficient and satisfies your users and the business. Taking service management beyond IT doesn’t require large teams of highly skilled developers or need to be restricted to manual processes

During this session we will share updates in Service Management, Asset Lifecycle Management, Universal Discovery and UCMDB

Your business demands fast, consistent service delivery, But deployment services across an array of cloud and on-premises infrastructures is complex and time-consuming. You're under pressure to deliver on time and ensure continuous governance.

Cloud help is on the way!

During this session we will share updates on Hybrid Cloud Management

As key technologies and business requirements continue to change, it is essential that the monitoring and management of your IT estate, from on premises to cloud, continues to evolve. The core capabilities of out Service Assurance products- including Operations Bridge, Network Operations Management, and Data Centre Automation - have never been more crucial in maintaining the health of your IT services.

Information Management and Governance Track

Room: Lords 3

Hear how Micro focus ECM solution is a critical component in a robust information management discipline, and how it can also form part of a wider domain of data management and governance tools.

This session will cover Enterprise File Synchronisation and Share. We will explain the benefits of giving users the productivity gains and time savings that mobile file access and collaborative sharing offer, while utilising the existing access controls you have in place to enable you to securely access your existing files remotely and share them with both internal and external colleagues. We will demonstrate remote access to files from your mobile or desktop, MFA access, ransomware protection, DLP options, secure online editing and much more.

IDOL can analyse and process unstructured data like no other solution, giving your organisation control of its ever-expanding storage and compliance problems.

In this session, learn how IDOL can help become compliant by:

  • Running ROT analysis to help identify and remove content that is outdated or irrelevant 
  • Performing personally identifiable information (PII) discovery covering dozens of countries and languages

Preventing further compliance problems with our new Gate Keeper solution

Keeping data safe is a complex business. During this session we will look into some of the common problems of managing data and share tips and methods to help you succeed

In the past few years, the IT landscape has changed enormously, IT organisations have made massive changes allowing people to work from home. These changes have made a big impact on how organisations provide a workspace to their end-users. Many organisations have made temporary solutions to allow people to work from home and now realize that this is not something temporary.
Experiences from the past few years have changed how organisations work and IT solutions have adopted to these changes. In this session we will look at how the Unified Endpoint Management Products from Micro Focus will help organisations to adopt to this changed IT landscape.

Application Modernisation Track

Room: Lords 2

Sponsor: iOCO

Our unique capabilities we are bringing to market will allow you to improve operational efficiency, optimize, and accelerate software delivery to achieve superior business outcomes. In this session, you will hear how Micro Focus will help you maximize value delivery across the enterprise to bolster business growth, increase customer satisfaction, and gain competitive advantages.


One of the fundamental transformation challenges for enterprise IT is the move to the cloud. The unique benefits are available to specific types of architecture, including the mainframe, and with the right knowledge and technology you can easily and effectively integrate your existing platforms with cloud services like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. So how do you go about making the move?

During this session we will discuss how Micro Focus technology enables modernization of mainframe applications to take advantage of cloud native services.

As IT organizations accelerate efforts to support new digital transformation priorities, core business applications - written in COBOL - sit at the centre of this strategy.

During this session we will look at the COBOL application modernization priorities and the future of COBOL innovation.

The frequency and cost of security breaches continue to increase. So, organizations must identify secure, modern mainframe access and application-level security controls aligned to their cloud-first strategy. Integrating the mainframe into a broader IT security strategy that includes MFA to applications running on IBM Z is key.

CyberRes Track

Room: Thames 1

Starting from requirement definition through to software development, code scanning and development testing of software includes multiple different technologies. The average developer tenure for internal source code theft actors is 8 years, and the most common response when theft actors were caught is "...because I can". The most trusted developers pose the most risk. We ask, does developer integrity keep our customers awake at night?

With Micro Focus’s Identity platform, we investigate the 'Transformation' challenges, and how Identity is the core tenant of Security Foundation. We identify how this enables businesses, securing the Zero Trust foundations organisations require across NIST frameworks. With specific use cases across the IAM space, we demonstrate how organisations are achieving these goals.

With a growing desire to consider carbon-friendly IT Security investment, and subsequently help drive a reduction in their carbon footprint, customers are more frequently asking how Micro Focus, CyberRes Data Security can directly contribute tangible value to their Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) strategy, while continuing to reduce costs and increase operational efficiencies. Through analysis of the ‘Datasphere’, driving IT modernization, and reducing volumes of data stored, hear how a Micro Focus CyberRes customer was able to put a $ value against their environmental impact.

Vertica Track

Room: Lords 1

Vertica’s high-performance advanced analytics platform powers Jaguar TCS Racing’s Formula E Team. 

You’ve heard how Micro Focus help the Jaguar Racing team Run and Transform. Join us in this session to hear more about how Vertica helps the team achieve success on track. With its blazingly fast query performance and access to around 700 in-database functions, Vertica has meant that Jaguar TCS Racing engineers and strategists have been able to glean important insights into the data and make critical performance adjustments.

You will learn how leading data-driven organizations build a modern data analytics platform with a minimalist design. You will learn how to use Vertica as a data warehouse, data lake, a lakehouse and as an advanced analytics and ML platform. Vertica enables a hybrid and a multi-cloud architecture, so you won’t be locked-in. Five unique deployment methods help customers bring analytics to the data without moving the data to the analytics. We will also explore how customers use Vertica as a data lake for IT Operations, SecOps, Predictive Maintenance, IoT analytics and other use cases.   

This presentation will cover 10 cool features that can help modernize your analytics initiatives – graduate from analytics that only run reports to something so much better. We’ll cover the features that makes Vertica unique, like geospatial, time-series, machine learning and deployment options. Vertica will help build unique and competitive advantage to disrupt your competition.

We will show you how easy it is to migrate. The speaker will share the digital modernization journey many enterprises have taken from less-capable databases to Vertica. This presentation drills into methodologies and tools available for a low-risk-to-fail migration journey.