Registration Guideline

This is a technical session and a team event.

Each team member should fill a minimum 3 of the required team roles and the team should collectively have knowledge of the following: COBOL fundamentals, ADM/Agile fundamentals, DevOps fundamentals, Jenkins/Azure DevOps Basics and familiarity with Java programing and test script creation. Although not mandatory, it will be advantageous to also have knowledge within the team on BDD fundamentals, Git basics, IntelliJ, IDE Basics and Visual Studio.


To register:

1. Form your team and assign roles before registering. Registrations must be made as a team. 

2. Assign a team leader to register for all team members.

3. Each team must have a minimum of 3 members and a maximum of 6 members

4. Each team should comprise of the following member roles:

  • One QA/Test Lead
  • One DevOps Engineer
  • One Test Automation Engineer (to create test scripts)
  • One or up to three COBOL Developer(s)