Virtual Workshop - The Netherlands

29 January, 09.30-12.30 hrs  Amsterdam time


Organizations of all verticals and sizes rely on applications to run their business. Their ability to deliver and operate effective applications has become a significant differentiator. However, they often struggle to secure their applications because they have limited expertise, don’t have security integrated into their processes, or can’t keep up with the volume of apps and the frequency of releases.

Join our virtual end-to-end AppSec workshop
To find out how to address these challenges, join our Micro Focus Fortify experts in this virtual workshop dedicated to helping developers and AppSec pros eliminate vulnerabilities and build secure software. In this unique setting, you’ll learn about the importance of incorporating application security testing into the development phase of your applications (shift left).

You’ll also have the opportunity test your skills as you compete in a secure coding game with other workshop participants.


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... and learn how to

  • get a holistic view of all application security issues; 
  • integrate security into your dev processes, and save time and effort;
  • handle and fix security issues like other software issue;
  • and  experience how easy it can be  to include secure coding in a fun and competitive way!